Stand up and deliver

Corporate Training

Generally our comedy-based seminars and workshops for business of all types and size (from multinational to SME), the public sector and NFP organisations, focus on:

  1. Exploring group dynamics and developing co-operative working where people inevitably have conflicting roles and ways of working, or
  2. Developing skills around public speaking and making presentations, plus confidence building for "in the spotlight" situations - these vary from those for trainers, to front-line staff, to Chief Executives for example, or
  3. Strategies for staying creative and "fresh" under pressure, or
  4. Informal creative seminars which free-up participants to explore freeform improv and other inate performance skills to enable better and more open communication and teamworking. Basically having fun and fooling around in a supportive situation, but where there is need to have a positive outcome, where participants will have gained an insight into the underlying motivations and previously unacknowledged capabilities of their colleagues.

Our company training developed from the Stand Up And Deliver comedy courses (which continue to be recommended by Greg Davies, one of our first graduates).

The business orientated seminars and workshops have have been successfully delivered to a wide spectrum of participants, from graduate trainees in advertising agencies, to CEOs in the third sector, to IT staff in financial institutions.

Although based in London (the world's comedy capital) we deliver training seminars and workshops throughout the UK, Europe and increasingly further afield too.

To discuss your organisation's training needs, please initially email

Often companies pay for individuals to attend our comedy courses. For more information about our Foundation course please click here